Be part of a positive change.

Who Are We?

ImpactChain is a technology company supporting the growth, development and investment in blockchain solutions for social good. Our vision is to create a brighter, cleaner and greener world for the benefit of all. Helping create positive and sustainable impact in communities worldwide and improve the lives of millions of people.


What Do We Do?

We believe that there has to be a positive, ethical and sustainable action plan to address climate change. As developers of the Green Coin Project, we aim to connect projects and entrepreneurs with the communities and investors they need to grow and develop their solutions. The Green Coin will provide a mechanism to connect and create a trusted transparent ecosystem for benefit of all.positive and sustainable impact in communities worldwide and improve the lives of millions of people.

Our Vision

To create a better future in which people can live in a cleaner environment and enjoy a healthier life for themselves and their families.

Blockchain for sustainability and ethical goodness.

Supporting projects who seek to have a positive impact on society as their goal and using blockchain as a platform by building trust and relationships between businesses and communities.

Over $17 billion goes into impact investing every year.

Poor transparency, lack of accountability, inefficient processes, and corruption are keeping hundreds of millions, if not billions of impact investments from reaching their full potential..

Green Coin support and reward.

Our main project Green Coin is managed to help support projects that look to have a positive social impact either on the local or global stage. Not only will Green Coin be used as a supporting mechanism, businesses will also be rewarded for their efforts in reaching ethical and sustainable goals.

Generating trust through a public blockchain.

A digital decentralized ledger that cuts out corruption. Any tampering with the blockchain is near impossible, making transactions secure. This helps gain trust amongst all parties involved regarding the actions they are taking to do social good.

Interested in being a part of ImpactChain or have any questions? We would love to hear from you!

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